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Katkeraa musikaalia [23.02.2010]

Hei jes löysin tuon alkuperäisen Dumblen!!! Tuo on ihanin. :D /In the weekend we had some musical practices.  The sum of all the practices for the weekend was about 11 or 12 hours / We carried some stuff around the school, composed music and did some other things/ The whole thing is kinda nice, our […]

Soittajaistunnelmissa [13.01.2010]

/I’m feeling great yes / I jujst want to jump around and scream and laugh / I was planning to attend the Evening of  Arts but I was already giving up because I knew  wouldn’t be able to play the song / Teem knows my guitar skills <3 / Sooo we were talking about it […]

05.12 & 16.12.2009

Tässä on pätkä tuota Sound of Chrismasii, aika huhhu! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfQdzJW0550 Guess was it a nice day hey/ 1. I love listening to other people singing / 2.  Heli stroked my hair for quite a while because “it felt nice”.  I love people stroking my hair. <3 / 3. Christmas food at school! And friends […]