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IKEA ja lihikset [09.09.2010]

Täähän on jäänyt kesken, mikä moka! Tarina jatkuu sillä viisiin, että odottelimme kyytiä kotiin pitkään, kunnes sitten eräät ihanat ihmiset noukkivat meidät kyytiin, ihan Ouluun saakka päästiin.

Partyparty [20.08.2010]

Juhlia [18.05.2010]

Tuesday was supposed to be the “school day” for me / [Phone:  Come eat some cake I have a birthday party???] / So that’s where it all went wrong /so soon  I caught a bus! / [This is how touch I looked that day] / I was treated like a princess, a vespa ride from […]

Linssikeittua [15.05.2010]

On Saturday I met Iita in the city centre. The day before we planned something and now we were there to make it come true / I quickly bought some stuff I needed for the thing / (Hey girls, what are you having?) / Soon we were waiting for our jewellery to be nice and […]

Rölöl [14.05.2010]

The morning was so slow,  it was like being in coma of some kind / Slowly I crawled out of my bed, made some phone calls and soon Anni was there at my place / It was great to have a pretty lady like that come over when you yourself look like shit / We […]