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Ranska/France [08.03.2010]

We woke up around noon, once again. This time we were really nice and breezy and went out to get something for breakfast. We weren’t hurrying with the breakfast, I really liked it. (I also noticed croissants make an awful mess) / After the breakfast we attacked a mystery room behind a sofa, and found […]

RANSKA/FRANCE 2ND DAY [07.03.2010]

The next day was quite hectic too. In the morning we went to see Philippe and Delphine / after that we went to see Philippe and Viken’s home / Yeah and we visited the greatest book shop I’ve ever seen / After a few hours we got a phone call. We left,  and got lost […]

Ranska/France 1st day [06.03.2010]

I’ve always been bad when it comes to packing / I just cannot get anything done without some kind of pressure / then suddenly I notice I should already be running and I start rushing / This time wasn’t an exception /As if it wasn’t enough,  at 11:22 I noticed my train was leaving at […]


Juu on tilantäyttöä mut oon niin laiskapossu etten jaksa inkkailla ja skannata noita kuvia hih! Pixie kuvaili sen loman aikana. Miettikää, kaksi eukkoa samassa huoneessa noin viikon verran ja tältä näyttää jo! <3 mörköjä sängyn alla. Huomenna ehkä lisäääääää! /I know, it’s just for filling all this empty space but I’m a lazy piggie and […]


We were spending Elfi’s last day in Finland. It was nice and weird. I felt a bit stuffed. / We developed our photos (some embarassing ones too) / Went to send some parcels / (Oh fuc–) Visited Igor’s /Went to have a coffee and missed a plane / <- hot chocolate and coffee mocha x2/  […]


We had planned for going hill sledding about a month before Elfi came here. We had very little time left so we needed to do something about it./ let’s go hil-l sl-ed-ding?/ [Well I can go with you. :) Joonatan]/ So, the next day we travelled with the sleds and met Helinä and waited for […]


No sketching so sorry! I’ve spent the last four days with Elfi, most of the time at home but every now and then visiting the downtown./ At home we’ve…. /1. Eaten quite a lot. (a soy sausage) (Another soy sausage) (cheese) (tea) Vegetarian food because the grrrrl is a bit vegeterian/ 2. Played Waldo/ 3. […]