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Unia: Ninja V

LOPPU HYVIN KAIKKI HYVIN EIKÖS. Siihen loppui Ninja-sarja, seuraava sarja jo mielessä, valitettavasti. :D [Hey Mr. Boss, nice to finally meet you / (God what an awful man) / Sit here / Heheh/ Haha, I knew it! A spy!! / Oh! / Shh, we’ll get some help soon /The End

Unia: Ninja IV

Plan B? / Yes, we need to seduce the boss / Volunteers? / (Comment by the dreamer: I have no idea what has seducing got to do with saving the museum. :D / Well Iina goes! / What no!! / All you have to do is to dress like a lady and flash a boob […]

Unia: Ninja III

Niinjajoo: Seuraa blogiani Bloglovinin avulla Everybody, get in now / I can’t see anything / Well turn the lights on! /Oh / Oh my God / We can’t do much about it, let’s fight! / (30 minutes of fighting) / move back, ma sisters and brothers! / So we got beaten up / Don’t whine, […]

Unia: Ninja II

I’m sorry, I needed to continue this on paper because I’m being retarded with the computer / The bad guys have taken possesion of the museum again! We need to save it! / Let’s go! / *Squeeeek*

Unia: Ninja I

Tommonen jota jatkasin nyt sitä mukaa kun kerkeää. Oonko alkanu jotenkin sutasemaan näitä sivuja? Tuntuu, että edelliset paljon huolellisempia enkä tykkää. :| /Let’s continue with dreams as we now reached them / I don’t dream too much but when I do, the dreams are really weird / This one I had looong time ago but […]