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Weekend [12.-13.02.2010]

[Friday] / We had a so called “girls night out” at Reetta’s / Guess who are you!! / Aaaa what! I don’t know! / <- Help what happened / We were playing games | In the evening there was only me, Reetta and Katri left / Poor Katri was almost in coma and we forced […]

Tiiva [25.01.2010]

I finally met Tiia again, it’s been way too long since the last time / We sat in Bisketti and drank too much / Suddenly two guys appeared. They kept looking at us very intensively. We left. / We did some shopping ( was a shop slave) and then walked to Tiia’s place because I […]


We had planned for going hill sledding about a month before Elfi came here. We had very little time left so we needed to do something about it./ let’s go hil-l sl-ed-ding?/ [Well I can go with you. :) Joonatan]/ So, the next day we travelled with the sleds and met Helinä and waited for […]

05.12 & 16.12.2009

Tässä on pätkä tuota Sound of Chrismasii, aika huhhu! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfQdzJW0550 Guess was it a nice day hey/ 1. I love listening to other people singing / 2.  Heli stroked my hair for quite a while because “it felt nice”.  I love people stroking my hair. <3 / 3. Christmas food at school! And friends […]

Aika rysis

Innostuin päivittämään useamman sivullisen, ja tässä on mukana vielä eilisen jututkin, kun en innostunut yöllä skannailemaan! Lovely day! / I saw Helinä at school (Dreamtalk) <3 / In the afternoon we had our very first dancing practices for the ball. WE HAD FUN. / I did some quick shopping and went to see Riikka. / […]