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Jäätävä suma

Pääsin VIHDOIN skannaamaan uutta päivistä. Vaikka mitään ei ole tänne saakka tullut, niin kirja on kyllä täyttynyt tasaista tahtia. Eli nyt tulee kovaa vauhtia useita entryjä. I FINALLY got to scan my new diary. I didn’t submit anything but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing… So I’m going to post several entries now, translating if […]

Laiskuus / Laziness

I’ve been so lazy lately, I’m sorry… So many things to draw about, plenty of time but no feeling. You know? I’ve got no feeling, not right now. I’m wishing it to be back soon. Can’t take this much longer.

Juhlia [18.05.2010]

Tuesday was supposed to be the “school day” for me / [Phone:  Come eat some cake I have a birthday party???] / So that’s where it all went wrong /so soon  I caught a bus! / [This is how touch I looked that day] / I was treated like a princess, a vespa ride from […]

Tankoilua [16.05.2010]

My four-day weekend ended with a visit at Rebecca’s / Rebecca introduced me to Jack and tried teaching me some moves with no success / We went to do some grocery shopping and started to cook / TORTILLA TIME / The meat was a bit spicy but who cares / The best thing happened to […]

Linssikeittua [15.05.2010]

On Saturday I met Iita in the city centre. The day before we planned something and now we were there to make it come true / I quickly bought some stuff I needed for the thing / (Hey girls, what are you having?) / Soon we were waiting for our jewellery to be nice and […]

Rölöl [14.05.2010]

The morning was so slow,  it was like being in coma of some kind / Slowly I crawled out of my bed, made some phone calls and soon Anni was there at my place / It was great to have a pretty lady like that come over when you yourself look like shit / We […]

Iltama [12.05.2010]

On Wednesday I felt like it would be nice to see some of my friends / We made some plans at school and soon we had a cute little gang / and so we met in the evening / (we had some home-made pizza) / we gathered our money and visited a local store / […]

Ranska/France [08.03.2010]

We woke up around noon, once again. This time we were really nice and breezy and went out to get something for breakfast. We weren’t hurrying with the breakfast, I really liked it. (I also noticed croissants make an awful mess) / After the breakfast we attacked a mystery room behind a sofa, and found […]

Ranska/France 1st day [06.03.2010]

I’ve always been bad when it comes to packing / I just cannot get anything done without some kind of pressure / then suddenly I notice I should already be running and I start rushing / This time wasn’t an exception /As if it wasn’t enough,  at 11:22 I noticed my train was leaving at […]

Matrix [15.03.2010]