Rotan Elämää - Aika rysis

Aika rysis

Innostuin päivittämään useamman sivullisen, ja tässä on mukana vielä eilisen jututkin, kun en innostunut yöllä skannailemaan!


Lovely day! / I saw Helinä at school (Dreamtalk) <3 / In the afternoon we had our very first dancing practices for the ball. WE HAD FUN. / I did some quick shopping and went to see Riikka. / Riikka sang to me, we laughed at stupid things and ate so much chocolate cake that we felt sick. / On the way back home I got surrounded by  Anni, Mirkku, Allu, Oona, Pauliina, Karo, Miro and some random girls.


HASTEHASTEHASTEHASTE/RUSHRUSHRUSHRUSH/Guess what. Our new “cycle” started and I don’t feel stressed at all! / Though everything else is pushing me down. This year I’m going to make 90 % of the christmas gifts with my own hands, so I have approximately 23 days left to make them all. / As if that wasn’t enough, I also need to draw Saara’s sun, a competition painting (I think the deadline was 21th day),  draw Laura’s Brandon Boyd (I’ve been making it since last year) and Saara’s portrait. / Maybe I should start doing them.


I got a letter from the post office / [COME GET YOUR PARCEL] / The parcel was heavy and firm. / After some fighting I finally managed to open it. / There was a tree in it.


A tree from Pixie!


Now it starts again. Playing christmas songs, feeling stressed,  all the rush. / Every year we start this senseless cleaning operation, at least 4 weeks before the christmas day. / At the same time we need to listen to ah-so-great christmas songs. / And the same fuss continues till the christmas eve.

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