Rotan Elämää - Poika ja muurahainen

Poika ja muurahainen

Joo tässä on vähän randomtuherrusta ajankuluksi. En oo päässy skannaamaan mitän vähään aikaa kun ei ole skanneria käytössä, siksi loistava kameralaatu.  Laitan varmaan uuden kuvan jahka skannerini herää koomastaan!

Once upon a time there was a boy / Who was always smiling / All the time/ The boy was smiling even in his sleep / Then once in the night… / A Queen ant flew into his smiling mouth / There she was flying / Not knowing where to go / (Oh no, poor me) / The next day the boy felt a sting in his heart / (Is this love?) / The boy was very secretly in love with a girl, and thought that love was now raving in his heart / Raving continued through the days and the boy was feeling how love was growing bigger and bigger every day / The Raving turned into stabbing pain, and that’s when the boy quietly whispered: / (I don’t want to be in love if it hurts like this) / The next night a hole appeared in the boy’s chest / And hundreds and hundreds of ants flew out of it / The next morning the boy was smiling brightly / (Love is gone!) / (I promise, I will never fall in love with anybody ever again!) / The End

My scanner is not working so can’t really do much, enjoy this piece of something!

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  2. rotanelamaa wrote:

    Thank you!

    Posted 17 Jun 2010 at 18:28

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